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Installation And Commissioning From Energise Power, Part Of Biofutures

Based on ten years experience, we offer advice on all aspects of renewable systems and electric heating, such as what type of system would be most suitable for you, heating control, the general running costs, and RHI criteria/ likely returns…

First Contact

We typically begin our engagements with an initial discussion about the nature of your enquiry and gain an understanding of what you would like to achieve. At this stage we can offer initial advice regarding RHI criteria/ income, fuel cost savings and typical costs etc.

Site Survey

The next step is for us to arrange a site visit to evaluate the options in more detail and assess the suitability of the site for renewable energy options or electric boilers. Following this step if appropriate we will provide a quotation including detailed information regarding likely income/ savings that would apply.


Including a detailed design of the installation including heat load calculations (where applicable), schematics, itemized components and design.

Installation & Commissioning

The installation will be planned carefully.  Our engineers are trained and can work with local installers / your plumber whilst providing technical advice and final testing/ commissioning of the system.